Professional Comedian

With over 30 years of experience as a comedian. Paul Nardizzi is a master of the stage, and will keep any audience chuckling.


Stand-Up Comedy

Paul Nardizzi is a Boston based comedian known for his rapid fire delivery and sarcasm.  Paul grew up just outside of Boston in Dedham Massachusetts.  He graduated from Bentley University before embarking on a career in stand up.  He made his first Tv appearance five years later.    He has been described as a cross between Dennis Miller and Steven Wright.   Paul is a fan of both, although he prefers George Carlin over all others.  The greatest compliment he ever got was from the father of a comedian he had just bested in a comedy competition.  The man told his son, while in earshot  of Paul, "He beat you because you say things funny, but he says funny things." 

Virtual Comedy

In a new era of social distancing. Paul's experience makes him just as funny virtually from the comfort of his own home, or wherever he does comedy from. Paul has been doing comedy shows over the internet since the beginning of the year and will make any virtual event a blast.


Nardizzi In The Digital Era

Take A Peek at Paul's Digital Footprint

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